Video Storage & Transmission Software

PC Multiplexer UltraPC Multiplexer Ultra Turns your PC into a digital video multiplexer by recording multiple video inputs onto the hard disk of a PC.

PC Multiplexer IPPC Multiplexer IP Works with IP (Network) cameras and IP video servers to turn your PC into a digital recording, viewing and control system.

PC VCRPC VCR Turns your PC into a digital time lapse VCR for a single camera input.

Multistore Network ViewerMultistore Network Viewer Gives users on your PC Network video from either PC VCR software, PC Multiplexer software or IP cameras / IP video servers. Can only record image being viewed.

PC MultiplexerPC Multiplexer has now been replaced by the superior PC MULTIPLEXER ULTRA software which offers extra features and better value for money.

Existing PC Multiplexer users have the option of a low cost upgrade to the PC Multiplexer Ultra software. Please call CCTV Software for details.