PC Multiplexer Storage Calculator



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Example of low quality-simple view:

images/b_low.jpg (3971 bytes)

Example of medium quality-simple view:

images/b_med.jpg (5584 bytes)

Example of high quality-simple view:

images/b_high.jpg (8136 bytes)

Example of low quality-detailed view:

images/a_low.jpg (8857 bytes)

Example of medium quality-detailed view:

images/a_med.jpg (14500 bytes)

Example of high quality-detailed view:

images/a_high.jpg (26783 bytes)

Record Duration (Days)

Estimated Storage Space (Gb)*

For large storage requirements CCTV Software can supply low cost external hard disk drives. Please call us for details.

* Please note - the figure shown can be used as an estimate only. The figure may differ for different camera views. For example, nightime views will have less detail and use less storage space.