About CCTV Software

What is CCTV Software ?

CCTV Software brings CCTV products and computers together. In an industry where expectations are continually increasing CCTV Software aims to be at the cutting edge of technology. CCTV Software products are designed to run on standard PC's.

CCTV Software offers software for three main product areas:

CCTV Software control products interface to a huge range of CCTV equipment from leading manufacturers such as Panasonic, Sony, Dedicated Micros and Baxall. The CCTV Software product is installed on a PC that is connected to the control equipment. The operator takes control of the equipment via a powerful, yet easy to use graphical user interface.

CCTV Software Video Storage and Transmission products provide live display and recording functionality from a PC based graphical interface. Video sources can be connected to the PC either by hardwired cabling or now via IP based video products. Video Playback and operator interaction is always intuitive and system architecture is designed to be expandable to suit increasing system requirements.

CCTV Software's SYMBOLS software packages are designed to work with VISIO or SMARTDRAW 'drag and drop' drawing packages. The SYMBOLS packages simply 'bolt onto' the desired drawing package to provide a range of pre-configured shapes, symbols and descriptions for all the main security product areas such as CCTV, ALARM, ACCESS CONTROL and FIRE. Drawing is made simple for the operator and professional results can be achieved in minutes.

Utilising computers in CCTV systems offers definite advantages:

1) The PC can usually be used for other tasks as well as controlling the security system. This also has the added benefit of less equipment on desks at control positions.

2) PCs are now low cost and their price is decreasing.

3) PC based software is very easy to upgrade.

4) Many people and companies have already invested in PC's, so the additional cost of using a computer for further functions is negligible.

5) Operators tend to have existing PC knowledge. This cuts down on the amount of training when staff are introduced to a new system.

What kind of PC will I need?

The specification of the required PC varies between CCTV Software's products. Please see the PC system requirements for the required product for accurate information.