Multistore Network Viewer Product Updates

The following Multistore Network Viewer update is available:

  • To use this product update you must already have purchased Multistore Network Viewer.
  • If you plan to use this Multistore Network Viewer update in conjunction with PC Multiplexer software then you must ensure that your PC Multiplexer software is version v1.7(001) or above.
  • Make a note of all important settings in your current Multistore Network Viewer installation. In particular, make note of any connections in the Multistore Network Viewer network address list including the TCP/IP addresses.


  • Click on the link below to download the update. When the 'File Download' dialog box appears click 'Save this program to disk'. Make a note of the folder that you download the file to.


If your current version of Multistore Network Viewer is v1.3 (001) or above then proceed to step (3).

  1. Before you run the '.exe' file that has downloaded to your computer you should remove your old version of Multistore Network Viewer. You can do this through Windows Control Panel, then Add or Remove programs, select Multistore Network Viewer from the list.
  2. Remove the old Multistore Network Viewer configuration file. To do this simply delete the path 'c:\Multistore Network Viewer' using Windows Explorer.
  3. You can now run the .exe that you downloaded. This will start the installation process for the software update. Simply follow the onscreen instructions.

Build: CCTV Software

Description: Multistore Network Viewer CCTV Software update 1.4 (001)

File Name: msnetvw_v1_04_001.exe

File size: 16.3Mb