Donít throw out your video multiplexer just because you want to get the benefits of digital recording. PC VCR from CCTV Software has broken new ground in the CCTV world by allowing the multiplexed images from any video multiplexer to be recorded digitally on your PC.

You can then pick which camera you want to view on playback using the software. The low cost package consists of Windows based software, a PC video input card and video switching pulse cable which is connected between the multiplexer and the PC.

Choice of recording media is dependant on what drives the user fits in the PC so the system can keep up to date with the advances in hard disk size or use emerging technologies like DVD.

CCTV Software currently recommend removable 40GB hard disks which are very competitively priced and can be changed weekly if archiving is required. Instant time and date retrieval, print and remote access to live and stored pictures via network or dial in are just three reasons to switch to this recording system.

The complete package has been priced at £347 to enable everyone to use their PC to protect property and buildings. Viewing pictures over a PC network or phone line can now be achieved using the additional PC VCR NETWORK VIEWER software priced at £175