PC Multiplexer is a digital storage software package that allows 4 to 16 cameras to be digitally recorded onto a PC’s hard disk or other storage media. PC Multiplexers QUADPLEX action can perform four functions simultaneously without affecting other users, it can Record Images, Playback Recordings whilst still recording, View live images locally and View live/stored images remotely via network or phone line. Incidents are stored in date & time folder, and a search tool allows retrieval of an incident quickly.

PC Multiplexer can have up to 20 alarm inputs from external devices, alarm recordings are stored in a separate folder to normal recordings. Using programmable function keys email messages can also be sent once an alarm is triggered as well as uploading live images to a web site.

The system can be purchased as cards and software only or supplied installed in a PC. Using the latest storage mediums it is now possible to fit a PC with three 80GB hard disks and if even more storage is required PC Multiplexer can be set to record onto low cost external 80GB hard disk drives, these drives can also be daisy chained to allow up to a maximum of 22 external drives giving a maximum storage of 1760 giga bytes. Using Multistore Network Viewer software users can connect to PC Multiplexer over a telephone line or a TCP/IP network. Add CCTV Software’s Camfunction software to control of most domes/PTZ cameras through the PC.


Click here to view the PC Multiplexer datasheet