CCTV Software has just released their latest version of PC Multiplexer, their PC based digital recording system. Due to customer feedback the software can now dial out over network or telephone line to any other PC that has the Multistore Network Viewer software installed on it. Multistore Network Viewer will then record the images on its PC creating a secondary location recording of the incident. The software can be configured to auto disconnect after a certain period of time to avoid long telephone calls.

Another useful feature added is motion detection on playback. If the customer didn't know the exact time of an incident then they could mask a certain area on the play back image and press play, he/she is then free to carry on with any other work whilst the software will play through the recordings.

When activity is detected in the masked area playback will stop, allowing the operator to check if this is the evidence they are looking for. This avoids the customer having to wait by the PC whilst it plays back for hours or even days.

Customers who are looking for large storage can now use the 160GB external firewire hard disk drives, up to 22 of these devices can be connected to one PC.

New internet upload features now allow PC Multiplexer to upload images to an Internet based video storage bank. PC Multiplexer has been tested by uploading images to This form of safe off site storage either on alarm or in constant time lapse fashion is going to get more and more popular for security conscious sites.

PC Multiplexer Upgrade Image