New features for Panasonic IP products

1) Camfunction range of software now supports Panasonic Alarm Protocol

CCTV Software’s Camfunction range of software now supports Panasonic’s IP Alarm Protocol. This means that any Panasonic IP product that supports the Panasonic Alarm Protocol can report alarms to Camfunction through the network connection. This powerful feature can be combined with Camfunction’s advanced mapping and event reporting features to create an intuitive graphical front end.

2) Camfunction range of software now supports MPEG4 on WJ-ND300 & WJ-ND400 Network Video Recorders

It is now possible to view MPEG4 streams for both live and playback cameras when connected to Panasonic’s WJ-ND300 or WJ-ND400 Network Video Recorder using Camfunction. Operators now have the choice of using the NVR in MJPEG or MPEG4 on a per channel basis. Combining this new feature with advanced playback functions, PTZ control, the ability to download filtered recording to the PC and burn to CD / DVD, improves the already powerful operator interface.