CCTV Software's latest version of Multistore Network Viewer has just been released and can now connect to a number of different network cameras, video servers and digital recorders. Their aim is to make Multistore Network Viewer the industry standard remote viewing/recording package. The latest version allows customers to connect to the following manufacturer's network cameras/servers; AXIS, SONY and GYYR. Multistore Network Viewer not only allows the user to view the different cameras on the network but also allows recording of video on their own PC hard disk. Images can then be played back, printed or emailed from their PC. This effectively gives the customer a very low cost digital recording system.
Other features allow Multistore Network Viewer to accept dial up or network connections from PC Multiplexer (CCTV Software's based digital recording system). Multistore Network Viewer will then record the images on its PC creating a secondary location recording of the incident.

MultiSTORE Network Viewer Image