Email video picture or upload video picture to website features added to CCTV Software’s Camfunction and PC VCR products

CCTV Software have added two new features to both their Camfunction and PC VCR products. The first is the ability to email a picture to up to 20 email addresses. The email feature is an addition to the already extensive list of actions that can be programmed on to the software’s function keys. These function keys can be triggered by alarm input, PC keyboard, map icon, or timer. The email can have a JPEG image attached (of an alarm trigger point for example) or just be just a text message (ideal for mobile phones).

The web upload command can again be put into a function key and is intended for use by anyone who wants to show pictures from CCTV cameras on the internet or intranet. If users have a permanent connection to the internet (cable modem or DSL) then pictures will be uploaded at a specified rate or the software can be set to make a dial up connection via phone line,  upload the picture and then disconnect to save on call costs.

CCTV Software also have a web design side to the company which can set up a website and make all arrangements to get a CCTV monitoring web site up and running.