CCTV Software video decoding and enhancement services
Conversion of Multiplexer / Time-lapse images to digital format

Analogue CCTV system typically record more than one camera onto a single video tape. This is achieved by multiplexing the video signals and recording them onto tape using a video multiplexer and time-lapse video recorder. We can take this multiplexed footage, convert it to JPEG or AVI and provide the resulting digital media on CD or DVD. To accomplish this we use dedicated CCTV hardware and advanced software techniques.

As part of this process we can:

The conversion process is shown below:

We also provide playback software on the CD / DVD that has been specially developed 'in-house'. Although it is not a requirement to use our playback software since the new footage is provided in standard digital format, it is beneficial to use our player rather than a PC media player because our own software has been developed specifically for the task.