Camfunction - Version Information

Software Max System Configurations Max Cameras Per System Config Max IP Devices Restrictions
Camfunction Pro 999 999 999
Camfunction Standard 32 32 32
Camfunction IP 16 16 via Network Only 16 IP Cameras / Network DVRs / NVRs Only. No Alarms
Camfunction Engine 999 999 999


'Max System Configurations' refers to the number of combinations of equipment. For example, in 'System Configuration 1' you could define a connection to a VCL Microsphere, then in 'System Configuration 2' you might have a Panasonic WJ-SX650 matrix with domes and static cameras.

'Max Cameras Per System Config' refers to the maximum number of conventional hard-wired cameras (eg RS232/422/485) controllable per 'System Configuration'. In the case of Camfunction IP you can control up to 16 cameras through suitable IP devices that have 'pass-through' serial ports.

'Max IP Devices' is the maximum number of IP devices that can be defined as a 'Network Connection' in the relevant product.